About the BFTA

Float-tubing is a fun and exciting method of fly fishing that has now become established and accepted by over forty fisheries within the British Isles.

Float tubes were first used in the USA, and they allow anglers an affordable way of accessing areas of lakes and reservoirs that previously could not be fished without a boat. The original tubes started out as a converted tractor inner tube but have since grown into hi- tech flotation devices which suspend an angler comfortably in the water allowing an extremely safe position to fish from. The tube is propelled by fins worn on the anglers feet, and it takes minimal effort to travel around a water in normal conditions.

The first fishery to allow tubing in Britain was Thornton reservoir in Leicestershire, which has always been very popular with tubers and has since become the home of The British Float Tube Association and is usually where we hold our AGM towards the end of every year.

One of the first pioneers of Float Tubing in this country was the late Steve Parton, (Sparton Fishing Tackle), who designed and developed the first British manufactured tubes around 20 years ago. Many of his original float tubes and their later variations are still preferred and used by BFTA members today.

Latest news

01st Feb 2019 - 2019 Season fishing dates.
Fishing dates for competitions and matches in the 2019 season are now posted on the forum.
12th Sep 2018 - Steve Parton Memorial
This competition has had to be moved from Thornton to Eyebrook Reservoir and will now take place on October 13th. The Thornton venue is at very low water level due to maintenance work. Hopefully we will have a full team to compete against the Thornton boat teams who will transfer to Eyebrook for the day.
20th Aug 2018 - Forthcoming events.
Following the failure of the last re-scheduled competition at Toft Newton due to lack of members interested - the next major advertised match will be the "Pairs event" which this year will take place at Ladybower on September 8th. Hopefully a few more members will turn out for this one. There is a nice cup to be won for the year, which your better halves will no doubt wish to keep proudly polished! On September 15th at Thornton, the annual "Steve Parton Memeorial Competition" will take place - In this match the BFTA are pitched against the Thornton boat fishermen, (and women). The BFTA have been highly successful in winning this competition and wish to continue the trend this year. We need a good attendence here so please make every effort to fish on this day!
11th Jan 2018 - 2018 Competitions begin.
The start to 2018 season. A happy New Year to you all. The first Competition in 2018 is scheduled to be held at Einor Reservoir, Northamptonshire, on February 17th. This is a very popular and excellent fishery holding a good head of trout, with some big fish to be had too. Those in the know, will collect at the Little Chef at the Thrapston roundabout around 7.45 to 8.00am for an Olympic breakfast or two. This site also has a Premier Inn where long distance travellers can stay. 
26th Sep 2017 - Steve Parton Memorial etc.
The Steve Parton Memorial match will be fished on September 30th at Thornton Reservoir near Leicester. This is an annual 'friendly' event which fishes a competition between BFTA Float Tubers and the Thornton Boat Fishermen. A great deal of fun and good humour is had by all participants on the water in this match. The BFTA have been very successful at winning this competition in the years since its inception. On October 7th a competition will be fished at Toft Newton Reservoir Lincolnshire. This water generally fishes very well and can produce some surprise catches. The final meeting of the season is the AGM will take place place at Eyebrook Reservoir on October 14th - please note that it is intended to start fishing this meeting at 9.00am in order to complete the days BFTA business by a reasonable hour for those travelling a long distance home.
14th Aug 2017 - Ladybower - September 2nd
The next competition for the Midlands and North will be held at Ladybower on September 2nd. This water is reputed to be fishing well at present, and a good turnout would be appreciated. On Sunday September 3rd there will be a competition at Stithians reservoir near Redruth in the deep South. This is a nice water and fishes well from a float tube.
25th Jul 2017 - August competitions 2017.
ON SUNDAY AUGUST 6TH. there will be a competition at Colliford lake, Cornwall. This is a very large reservoir and has not been fished from a float tube before the end of last year, when some very large trout were seen (and lost). This should be an exciting day out on the water for those who are able to take part in this match. We look forward to reading the results of this one! On Saturday August 12th the match will be held at Barnsfold water in the North. This is an increasingly popular venue with float tubers and should provide a good days fishing. On Sunday August 20th the action returns to the far South once again, where the competition will be at Burrator reservoir. This is also fast becoming a popular water for float tubing amongst those that have been there. 
09th Jul 2017 - Elinor - July 22nd.
On July 22nd we will be fishing a competition at Elinor. This match will replace the one which was originally scheduled for Rutland or Pitsford. Elinor fishes well throughout the season, with fish now spread into the centre of the lake as well as down in the bays by the pylons and also up near the dam. This should be a productive day.
09th Jul 2017 - Fernworthy - July 16th.
There is a match at Fernworthy reservoir in the South scheduled for July 16th.
28th Jun 2017 - Sweethope Competition - July 8th 2017
The next major competition will be held at Sweethope Loughs in the far North of England on July 7th. The fishing at these two waters is always good since the advent of new management a few years ago. Contact Chris the Warden/Bailiff at the water for details of camping with caravans or motorhomes. Tony Barclay is the organiser and interpreter for this event.
12th Jun 2017 - Siblyback and Leighton Reservoir.
The next two competitions are at Siblyback near Dobwalls in Cornwall on June 18th, and at Leighton Reservoir near Masham, Yorks, on June 24th. Siblyback has been fishing well with anglers all catching fish in recent weeks. Leighton Reservoir has a very high reputation for both stocks of fish and the average numbers caught by anglers. Both these waters have little or no experience of being fished by Float Tubers, so there should be a high fish count at the end of the matches.
30th May 2017 - Stithians and Scaling Dam.
The next meeting will be held at Stithians Reservoir in Cornwall on June 4th. This water is well within reach of many of the Cornish and Southern section members and will be hopefully well attended. The following week on June 10th, Northumbrian Water are opening up the water at Scaling Dam for Float Tubing. It is hoped that there will be a good number of members attending this new venue following the sad closure of Lockwood Beck. The day is intended not only as a competition, but also a display day for anybody interested in float tubing to attend and ask questions etc. Scaling Dam is a couple of miles further down the Whitby road from Lockwood Beck.
14th May 2017 - Eyebrook on May 27th.
This is a very large water in the Midlands and is well known to BFTA members. Ifor has recently taken over the management of this water, and has been building up the fish stocks over recent weeks. This should be a very good days fishing for those who wish to come along.
14th May 2017 - Burrator Competition in the South May 21st.
There will be a competition down in the S. west of England on May 21st. This will be taking place under the BFTA special competition auspices for that area. Kevin is in charge. Please sign up if you are going to join in on this one.
25th Apr 2017 - Colwick Park - April 29th and Snowbee Cornish Open - Drift May 6th
Especially for Steve:The next competition will be held at Colwick Park, Nottingham on Saturday April 29th. This is a delightful water and usually fishes very well at this time of year. You will be surrounded by a variety of wildfowl, and no doubt be overlooked by interested human spectators who extensively use the park for running, dog-walking and general relaxation.The following weeks competition will be held at the Southern tip of Cornwall, west of Penzance at Drift Reservoir. This is the Snowbee Open competition and is usually well attended. Good prizes are on offer, and winners will be presented with them after the match, (probably at the Fire Station, where high grade Cornish Pasties are usually given to the competitors together with some liquid refreshment). 
09th Oct 2016 - The next BFTA event is the AGM at Torquay - October 15th
The weekend of October 15th is an important date on the Float Tubing calendar. We will gather at Fawlty Towers on the Friday in readiness for a trip out for an evening meal - many of us with our Partners, (please ensure that they are on their best behaviour)! The latter part of the evening will be spent in the Fawlty dungeon sampling the contents of the bar no doubt. On Saturday, Russ will prepare one of his superior English breakfasts for our delight. If we can still move after this we will try and find Kennick Reservoir, where some effort will be made to catch a few fish. Upon our return for baths and showers, we will then repair to the dungeons for the AGM; dressed in our respectable togs. Andre will drivel on for a while and then Kevin will say how well he has cooked the books while the Northern faction sample the delights of Southern beers. One or two other members may then like to put forward some interesting suggestions to be overruled by the Chairman. Great fun will be had by all! I expect the formal proceedings will be followed by a pub quiz - with some obscure and pedantic answers to questions prepared by Andre. See you there.
18th Aug 2016 - Siblyback - August 20th
15th Aug 2016 - August Competitions.
The next competition will be held at Siblyback in Cornwall on August 20th. This water has been fishing well this year. On Saturday August 27th the competition will be held at Thornton near Leicester.
26th Jul 2016 - Next two competitions for August
On August 6th there is a confirmed Competition at the Burrator Reservoir, South Dartmoor area. On August 13th the very popular Eyebrook Competition takes place in the Midlands. The last couple of seasons for us at Eyebrook have been very good, with good fishing and a helpful management team. This venue also has a very well stocked tackle / fly tying shop on site.
05th Jul 2016 - July 9th Sweethope and July 16th Kennick
The next two competitions are at the opposite ends of England. On July 9th the match will be held at Sweethope in Northumberland, where Tony Barclay is in charge, (so dust off your Geordie earpiece receivers)! Sweethope is a very nice water for float tubing and is generally quite shallow, so no need for DI7 lines. Surface flies work well here as do great big pink snakes - although the locals keep quiet and hang their heads in shame rather than admit to their sins.Kennick nestles somewhere on the Eastern edge of Dartmoor, and is again a very nice float tubing water. Those fishing it on July 16th should have a pleasant day floating around. This water fishes well with dry flies, buzzers and lures, so there is something for everyone here. Depth varies from about four feet at the top of the arm to very considerably deeper by the dam at the far end. Intermediate lines work well as do floaters and long leaders.
17th Jun 2016 - Siblyback - June 18th
There is a competition at Siblybackk on June 18th - this is a good water and has been fishing well recently. 
14th Jun 2016 - TOFT Newton - 25th June 2016
This is the replacement Competition following the failure of Rutland Water to be able to accomodate us, (cancellation was apparently due to supervisory staff shortage). Toft Newton fishes well all year round and always gives us a good welcome. There will be ample opportunity to catch fish for those who like top of the water fishing at this time of the season. Make sure you get breakfast on the way to this venue as there are no cafes etc. in the immediate area.
31st May 2016 - Burrator Competition in the South on June 4th.
A competition will be held at Burrator reservoir on June 4th. Please sign up on the "Sign up for Competitions" section if you will be attending this popular venue. The fishing is currently reported as being very good.
30th May 2016 - Lockwood Beck - June 11th
The next Competition will be held at Lockwood Beck, Yorks, on June 11th. This reservoir is well stocked and is in the control of an excellent manager. The float tubing at this venue is superb, and well worth the journey to get there. There is an excellent opportunity for many of the recently joined Northern members to meet with some of the more established regulars at this event, giving the potential for a great days pleasant fishing.
16th May 2016 - Kennick Reservoir - May 21st
On May 21st we will fish Kennick once again. This is a very scenic and attractive SWW lake, which at this time of year should have rhododendron bushes in flower on the surrounding shoreline. Hawthorn flies could well be present too, so some dry fly fishing might well be the order of the day. Take a good OS map with you because this water can be quite tricky to find - Sat Navs don't tend to know it is there!
09th May 2016 - Drift Reservoir - May 14th
This competition doubles as the Cornish Open. A jealously guarded Trophy awaits the winner, (they don't like it to go 'up-country'), together with some prizes for successful participants. There is usually a superb quality Cornish Pasty available after the match when the prizes are awarded. Drifter is in charge - (don't forget those interesting Cornish Scales Dave). Thinking about those, somebody please bring me some headache pills to sort out both what is being said and to decipher the Cornish style weights into some sensible rank order afterwards!? This water usually fishes very well - long leaders get good results here.
28th Apr 2016 - Elinor - May 7th & Drift May 14th.
The next competition will take place at Elinor, Nr Thrapston, Northants on May 7th. This is the rescheduled fixture resulting from the floods a few weeks back. This is a popular venue and fishes well, with the good chance of catching some big fish. Members who are hungry early morning, usually meet at the Little Chef off the A14 roundabout at Thrapston around 7.45am. The following week on May 14th. the competition will be held at Drift Reservoir Nr, Penzance in Cornwall. This is the Cornish Open and a popular match sponsored with prizes from Snowbee and other 'local' companies. This water also usually fishes very well and has been stocked with hard fighting blue trout as well as the more usual rainbows. There are wild brown trout in this water which will be encountered as well, these must be returned.
15th Mar 2016 - Wimbleball Competition - April 2nd
The next Competition will be held at Wimbleball on April 2nd 2016. This is a very large and mainly deep water renowned for its fishing. There are currently stocks of Rainbows and blue trout to be caught, and you could well hook a large natural brown trout here as well. All of the fish in this water are known to fight strongly. Hopefully, Kevin will post a report of this weekends meet on the BFTA website for all to read, and also clarify the situation regarding the road closure which held up Saturdays fishing (12th April), for those who went.
10th Mar 2016 - ELINOR CANCELLED!
23rd Feb 2016 - Elinor - March 12th 2016
The next competition will be held at Elinor Lake on Saturday March  12th. This is a venue near Thrapston, Northants. Many of us meet up at the Little Chef for breakfast around 8.00 am. before travelling to the lake. The fishing at this venue is usually very good and often produces double figure trout to add to the excitement. One does have to be aware of bank anglers at this water, as some of them are apparently Olympic casting champions and can be very jealous of  what they percieve as any encroachment of their 'swim'! Once again I would encourage the employment of good thermal underwear because this water can be quite cold early season.
09th Jan 2016 - Toft Newton - 20th February 2016
Welcome to the new season. The first competition will be held at Toft Newton, Lincolnshire on February 20th. This water always holds a good head of fish and rarely disappoints in competitions. There are tagged fish in this water, which you can choose to fish for and win a prize, by paying a small additional fee to the fishery. This venue is a concrete bowl standing above the surrounding countryside, and can be a little 'breezy' depending on weather conditions. Warm clothing is recommended here. For wildlife enthusiasts there are some interesting birds to be sighted at this venue, including the occasional owl or other raptors. Water birds / small waders  etc. are commonnly encountered when following the margins. There are no breakfast facilities locally available, so make sure you find somewhere on the way if you feel hungry!
11th Oct 2015 - Steve Parton Memorial / Pairs Comps - October 17th
The next match is a joint competition with the boat anglers at Thornton Reservoir on Saturday October 17th. This is an annual event entering its third season, fished in memory of Steve Parton - one of the BFTA founders, boat fisherman, fishing writer and great all-rounder. Additionally, this match will also be fished for the BFTA Pairs Trophy. The score between the boat anglers and the float tubers currently stand at one all. The BFTA really do need to field a strong team to regain the honours here after failing to retain the cup last time! Lock up any uncooperative partners and make sure you get there for this match!!!!!
30th Sep 2015 - Kennick - October 3rd.
The next competition will be held at Kennick Reservoir Nr. Christow, Devon on October 3rd. This water is fishing well at present.
07th Sep 2015 - Ladybower - September 19th 2015
The next competition will be held at Ladybower Reservoir on September 19th. For this match, members will be allowed to fish the main basin area. There are some substantial sized fish being caught in this section at present, so it should be a good day out. Philip P. is organising this match - please contact him for help, information etc.
01st Aug 2015 - Eyebrook Competition - August 15th
The next competition will be held at Eyebrook on August 15th. This is an excellent float tubing water and usually fishes very well. The bird watchers will probably see Ospreys fishing here. The water has a very well stocked tackle shop for those who want fly tying materials etc. Dave Minogue needs the numbers who will be attending the Thrybergh match on September 5th. This is necessary to ensure that the breakfasts and after match evening meal, will be available for those who come along to fish the match. SIGN UP AS SOON AS POSSIBLE IF YOU HAVEN'T ALREADY DONE SO.
20th Jul 2015 - August 1st 2015 Competitions.
August 1st is the date for two BFTA Competitions - The first at Thornton near Leicester, which is the home water for the BFTA. The second competition will be held at Burrator, a new water in the SW, which the BFTA fished a few weeks back. Six  members is the minimum number at each of these venues in order to earn points to qualify for the Jim Clements Trophy!
23rd Jun 2015 - July 4th 2015
Independence day in USA. The BFTA will split it's forces between two venues on this day. Blackdyke Nr. Thetford, Norfolk. Darren Lee is in charge here. Blackdyke is a small but very popular water, with a good head of hard fighting fish so it should be a fun day. The second meeting is at Siblyback lake in Cornwall under the guidance of Dave Williams. This is a new water to float tubing and has a very good reputation for trout fishing in the south west. This should be a good day out for those who are able to make it.
16th Jun 2015 - Burrator - June 20th
The next competition will be held at a new reservoir for the BFTA at Burrator, on the South Western edge of Dartmoor. This is a SWW water, credited with being  very attractive and set in very pleasant surroundings. The fish apparently go very well when hooked.
07th Jun 2015 - Rutland - June 13th
The next match - by popular request - will be held at Rutland Water on June 13th. This is a very large and well known Midlands reservoir, renowned for its high quality fishing. Members should meet at the lodge at 7.45am - where breakfast will be available for those who wish to buy one. Following breakfast, fishing permits will be available from the tackle shop, and further instructions will be given as to the area we will be allowed to fish with instructions on how to get there.
24th May 2015 - Lockwood Beck and Kennick.
On Saturday June 6th there will be two BFTA events. The first is at Lockwood Beck near Guisborough, N. Yorkshire. This is a very good float tubing venue and generally fishes very well.  The second parallel event will take place in the very South of the country at Kennick reservoir not far from Torquay. This is also a good float tubing water on the South Eastern edge of Dartmoor and popular with our members.
05th May 2015 - Ringstead Grange - May 23rd
The next inland competition will be at Ringstead Grange on May 23rd. This water has proved to be extremely good for fishing so far this season and deserves a good turnout from us. We always get a friendly and helpful reception here and there is the possibility of catching a double on this water.
05th May 2015 - Cornish Open Competition - Drft Reservoir May 9th
The next BFTA match will be held at Drift reservoir (between Penzance and Lands End) on Saturday May 9th. This is a very popular match,  and we meet lots of rarely seen Cornish members together with other unknown float tubers. The prizes presented, after the drinks and pasties at the fire station social area afterwards,  are well worth the journey. The pasties are superb! This water should fish well this year. It is reported as being very clear without any sign of algal bloom, and has additionally been stocked with hard fighting blue trout to add interest to the bag. Look forward to seeing you there.
26th Apr 2015 - Blagdon - Sunday May 3rd.
The next competition will be held at Blagdon on SUNDAY May 3rd. Please note the change of day to Sunday -  as this is the only day that Blagdon were able to accomodate us due to other competitons taking place. This water has a high reputation and normally a good stock of very lively fish. It is a very popular venue and well worth a visit if you have not been before. Buzzer fishing is superb here and for those that like lure fishing, these also work well.
19th Apr 2015 - Colwick Park - April 25th
The next competition will take place at Colwick Park fishery on April 25th. This has proved to be a pleasant venue and very popular match in the past. However, if you are going, be very wary of the evil speed camera system which is over-enthusiastically applied around Nottingham 24/7! Steve F. and Ric will know the flies to use and locations of the fish after their practice session.
29th Mar 2015 - Barnsfold - April 11th 2015
The next competition will be held at Barnsfold fishery on April 11th. This fishery consists of two small lakes, therefore the competition will take place over both lakes providing numbers of members attending allow for two groups. The groups will alternate morning and afternoon sessions to fish the opposite lake. Martin is in charge!
15th Mar 2015 - Elinor - March 28th 2015
The next competition will be held at Elinor, Nr Thrapston on March 14th. This a popular venue and very good float tubing lake. The hungry individuals usually collect for breakfast in the Little Chef located off the A14 / A45 roundabout, before heading to the water. Anything from zonkers to hares ears and bloodworms will catch fish here, and for those that like fishing buzzers and small flies - they work well too. In other words blob strippers and old world purists can fish with confidence on this water, where there is something for everyone.
10th Mar 2015 - Thornton Cancelled - going to Ringstead instead 14th March
Unfortunately, due to the current very unfavourable water conditions at Thornton, we have decided on a last minute change to fish instead at Ringstead Grange just south of Thrapston on March 14th. Ringstead has clear water and is fishing very well, with an average of more than four fish per rod, so it should be a good day for those attending. Andre has confirmed the change. We request that members going to Ringstead please ring round other people on the Thornton list to let them know of the change of venue. Hopefully everybody will then turn up at the right place!
02nd Mar 2015 - Thornton - March 14th, 2015.
The next match will be held at Thornton Reservoir near Leicester on March 14th. The water is reported to be fishing well at present. Members can expect to take fish using the full range of lines, and fly styles from boobies, damsels and bloodworms, to buzzers. This water usually holds some bigger fish as well as the 'normal' stockies, so choose your leaders accordingly. Don't forget your winter thermals - it can be cold here!
07th Jan 2015 - Toft Newton - February 21st 2015
Ensure you have your kit in tip-top condition for this start of the season competition - conditions in winter can be a tad harsh in this region! The fishing is usually brilliant at this fishery, and it does fish well in the early season, so get some strong new leader and tie up  some of those secret killer flies to test out. Make sure your life jackets are fully serviced and any punctures in float tubes are well sealed. For those who need them, GTN sprays and painkillers in waterproof plastic bags should also be kept handy - together with a store of energy giving comestibles. (There are no eating facilities within miles of this venue, so get breakfast on the way)! I look forward to seeing lots of you there. Please sign up on the forum list if you will be attending.
24th Sep 2014 - AGM - Torquay, 11th October 2014.
Saturday 11th October is the day for the end of season meet at Kennick Reservoir. This year we will fish for the 'Backender Trophy', which has not been presented for a few years now. The member catching the heaviest bag of trout will be presented with the trophy at the AGM in the evening. The AGM will be held at the Sandpiper Guest House, Torquay, by invitation of the proprietor. Members who are unable to attend but wishing to raise points at the AGM, should list them on the bulletin board listed on the 'Forums' page.
15th Sep 2014 - Ladybower September 20th 2014
The next competition will be held at Ladybower Reservoir on Saturday September 20th.
08th Sep 2014 - Steve Parton Memorial Trophy match 2014.
This is the annual competition between the BFTA float tubers and the Thornton boat anglers; (a group not to be tangled with lightly)! We need a good turnout for this match on Saturday September 13th as we wish to retain the trophy which we won last year. Bring along your best secret 'killer' flies and any special attractants to coat them with. (Please leave the dynamite and cyanide at home as Ifor will not allow their use on this day)!? I recommend pilchard or sardine sandwiches for an on-water lunch snack! Steve's wife will travel to Thornton to present the Trophy to the winning team. Andre is in charge!
17th Aug 2014 - Thrybergh - 6th Sept 2014
The next big competition will be held at Thrybergh on September 6th 2014. This is the one everybody looks forward to, with a pre match English breakfast and a post match dinner in the cafe on site. The fishing on this water is usually very good, with some bigger fish to be encountered by the lucky angler. Breakfast is usually around 8.00 am. There is a Big Show also taking place on this particular weekend at Thrybergh,  so early parking is  advisable
05th Aug 2014 - Ringstead - August 16th
This is a very attractive water and very well run. The fish here are always good quality and fight well. The catch rate here was so good on our last visit, that Ric chucked his first bagfull back into the lake, (together with his phone), and caught another good bunch to replace them!? There is a good area of weedbeds here, where the fish hide and then rise to ambush passing flies. You may also get a pike - but Andre will disqualify you if you try to weigh it in! The deeper areas of the lake usually contain some larger trout. A very enjoyable venue with lots of wildlife.
21st Jul 2014 - Matches coming up!
This is a Heads up notice to warn members of the matches coming up soon. We would particularly like a good turnout on the 13th of September for the Steve Parton Memorial match. We won this last year and wish to do so again this year, so please try and make this one. This competition is only a week later than the Thrybergh match on 6th September, which is always very popular and tremendous value for a day out with breakfast and after match dinner included in the price. Some folks may have to bribe their partners to make these two dates closely following on from one another.  Another important date is the AGM at Kennick / Torquay on the 11th October. Perhaps persuading the missus that a weekend on the South coast would be incentive to get along to this one. I believe that Russ is fully booked at his Hotel so alternative sleeping accomodation may be required. Ringstead  (16th August), is coming up a fortnight after Eyebrook  (2nd August),  and Ladybower (20th Sept), follows the Steve Parton Memorial weekend .
21st Jul 2014 - Eyebrook - August 2nd 2014
We are returning to Eyebrook again this year on August 2nd after a few years break. The water is under new management and keen to see us return for a competition. PLEASE NOTE :- Following the extortionate and unwarranted launch fee increase at Ravensthorpe, we have cancelled the Pairs competition there, and transferred the PAIRS contest to Eyebrook. We will fish a normal day ticket and add the total weights for the drawn pairs at the end of the match to decide the Trophy winners. BEWARE OF SPEED CAMERAS IN ROCKINGHAM  on the way to this venue! This is a large and well stocked water, with great scope for float tubing. Those interested in wildlife may get the opportunity to see Ospreys fishing near them. Hope to see lots of you there.
22nd Jun 2014 - Blackdyke Fishery - July 5th 2014
The next day's fishing will be at a small, but very popular water in East Anglia - Blackdyke Fishery. This water is well stocked with rainbow trout. Past meetings here have been very popular with our members.
09th Jun 2014 - BARNSFOLD - June 21st
The next meet will be at Barnsfold on June 21st. There are reputed to be some big fish in this water - including roach! This match takes place in bandit country near Preston, Lancs. Please contact Dave Carrie for the nearest fifty places to get a full English breakfast in the region!
26th May 2014 - Drift Competition - June 7th 2014
The next competition will be held at Drift Reservoir Nr. Penzanze, Cornwall. This is always a popular venue, and the after match Cornish Pasties are the best in the world! This competition doubles as the Cornish Open Championship match. There are consequently a good selection of prizes, (sponsored by Snowbee), for the successful competitors. For those who wish to fish on Sunday, a new venue Burrator lake, Nr. Plymouth, is available to our members. (Nearly all other reservoirs in the area are booked for the Commonwealth Competitions during this week)!
12th May 2014 - Blagdon Competition - May 24th 2014
The next Competition will be held at the famous Blagdon Reservoir on Saturday May 24th. This water is a venue that traditionally suits buzzers and small flies. However, pulled lures and boobies have also been known to take fish for us in the past. Make your own breakfast arrangements, as most of Somerset is still asleep at that time of morning!
27th Apr 2014 - Thornton Competition - May 10th.
The next competition will be held at Thornton Reservoir on May 10th. Breakfast can be obtained at the Motorway services Leicester Forest, (if all else fails). Another possibility is somewhere in the little agglomeration of businesses off J22 of the M1 roundabout. Dave Carrie may have more information on this venue.
15th Apr 2014 - Colwik Park - April 29th
The next Competition will be held at Colwick Park near Nottingham on April 29th. This is a very pleasant and scenic water set in Country Park, with plenty of room for everybody to get around. Some of the bank is bordered by mature trees and there is an island, also tree covered, where fish tend to congregate after 'falling terrestrials'. So there may be an opportunity for dry fly afficionados to open their season successfully here. There have been some quite large fish encountered on this lake in our previous visits so strong leaders are advised. Those wanting a good breakfast will meet in the transport cafe near the lake at 8.00am.
31st Mar 2014 - April 12th. Wimbleball Reservoir Competition.
The Wimbleball Competition this year should yield some very hard fighting over-wintered fish, together with a good bag of quality rainbows stocked more recently. This water is one of those where the National Championships will be fished in a few weeks time. The lake also holds large  beautiful brown trout - mostly  the offspring of wild trout in the feeder streams, these always fight hard. This is a large water with areas of considerable depth, so it is worth carrying a Hi D line as well as your normal floater and intermediates. Please ensure your equipment is well maintained before launching here. This should prove an excellent days fishing for those attending!
17th Mar 2014 - Elinor Competition March 29th 2014
Elinor is a popular venue with the BFTA. This water fishes well for those that enjoy pulling lures, but is equally good for those members who prefer floating some buzzers or more imitative patterns around. In the past bloodworms, hares ears, various coloured buzzers, black and green lures and orange blobs, have all taken good fish on this water. Hopefully the field will have dried out enough for those with standard cars to be able to get near to the boat area so we can launch the tubes. There is a Little Chef at the roundabout on the A14 / A45 junction where members of a hungry disposition tend to gather around 8.00am.
01st Mar 2014 - Lockwood Beck - March 15th 2014
Lockwood Beck is a delightful venue situated NW of Whitby, Yorks. This is a very well stocked, and admirably managed reservoir, well suited to float tubing. BFTA members new to float tubing will be welcome to join us at this friendly match. Please list your intention to be present in the 'sign up section' on the main forum.
21st Feb 2014 - Walton Hall Competition
The next competition is at a new venue for the BFTA - Walton Hall on March 1st. Please make sure you sign up for this match so that numbers are known by both the organisers and fishery management. If enough members are signed up the fishery will be closed for sole use of the BFTA on this day.
09th Jan 2014 - Toft Newton - February 15th 2014
The 2014 season will commence with a competition at Toft Newton reservoir, Lincolnshire, on February 15th. Please check nearer the date to check whether, ice, floods or other unhelpful weather will affect this meeting. (East coast venues have previously proved a little 'iffy' at this end of the season). This water is noted for well conditioned and hard fighting fish - so check your tackle thoroughly before launch if you wish to avoid tears!
06th Nov 2013 - Proposed Competitions for 2014 are listed.
There is a posting listing the proposed meeting dates for 2014. Any feedback or comments will be considered. If anybody is thinking of taking a float tube trip during the winter lull, and wants others to join in, then please post your intentions on the new board listed after the request from the AGM.
17th Oct 2013 - AGM at Thornton - October 26th
The AGM will be held at Thornton Reservoir on Saturday October 26th. The format of the day is 'free and easy'. This is not an official meet or a competition. The AGM will start at 3.30pm. so fishing will finish at 3.00pm. Members can turn up as early as they wish and fish from 8.00am. Andre is in charge of light refreshments after the fishing.
27th Sep 2013 - Steve Parton Memorial Match - October 5th.
The inaugural Steve Parton Memorial Cup match will take place at Thornton Reservoir on October 5th. This will be a competition between the BFTA and the Thornton Boat fishermen. A Trophy will be awarded to the winning team and will be displayed in the Thornton Lodge after engraving until the following years competition. Andre will explain the rules before the match.
27th Sep 2013 - Wimbleball Competition - Oct 12th 2013
The final Competition of the Season will take place at Wimbleball on Saturday 12th October. This is a large water on the eastern edge of Exmoor, with a good head of very hard fighting fish.
10th Sep 2013 - Blagdon - September 21st
The next competition will be held at Blagdon on September 21st. This water is one of the most famous trout fishing venues in the UK. Please sign up early so that Kevin can organise the tickets for the day.
27th Aug 2013 - Thrybergh Sept 7th
Thrybergh competition Sept 7th. Breakfast will be at 8.30am and there will be a dinner after the match around 5.00pm. The price of the meals and car parking are included in the ticket price. This is always a very popular competition and has its own Trophy to be presented to the lucky winner.
08th Aug 2013 - Steve Parton Memorial Match - Ladybower August 17th
The Steve Parton memorial competition is now confirmed for August 17th at Ladybower Reservoir. There will be a BBQ after the match.
22nd Jul 2013 - Ravensthorpe - August 10th
The next competition is the annual pairs match to be held at Ravensthorpe rservoir, Northants, on Saturday August 10th. There are different arrangements for this day, to ensure a better chance of catching fish. Time change due to the effects of hot weather on the water - we will meet at the later time of 11.30, and have our buffet lunch before the fishing, (all to bring something to eat or drink), between 12.00-13.00. We will then fish 14.00-20.00. Pairs will be drawn for on the day of the match.
14th Jul 2013 - Lockwood Beck Competition - July 20th
The inaugural Competition at Lockwood Beck - (off Whitby to Guisborough Road, N. Yorks), will be on July 20th. Only BFTA members will be eligible to fish this match. We will be joined by a number of new colleagues who signed up following Steve Naylors demonstration day of 13th July at this water. Buzzers and dry flies are fishing well at present, and there are around fifty doubles in the water which need taking out!? See you there.
16th Jun 2013 - Kennick July 6th.
The next competition will be held at Kennick Reservoir, Nr. Christow, E. Devon on Saturday July 6th. Some members will stay at the Roadford campsite, travel to Kennick on Saturday morning, and then return to fish Roadford lake on Sunday morning. You will need to book the campsite if you wish to do this. The fishing on both lakes is excellent at this time of year. Roadford is a brown trout water, with a good head of wild trout as well as stocked fish.
07th Jun 2013 - Steve Parton Memorial at Ladybower.
The Competition in memorial of Steve Parton has been postponed until Saturday August 17th. More details will be posted as they become available.
06th Jun 2013 - Toft Newton Match - June 15th
The next Competituon will be held at Toft Newton Reservoir in Lincolnshire on Saturday June 15th.This match is substituted for the scheduled competition, which was to be held at Blackdyke, (following a major water leak at that venue which caused the cancellation).  Hopefully, many of the Eastern and Northern region members will be able to make it to this meeting, where the fishing is generally of very high quality.
14th Apr 2013 - Colwick Park - April 27th
The next competition will be at Colwick Park fishery on April 27th. Members may wish to meet for breakfast at the transport cafe off the roundabout West of the fishery turn. (See forum posting for Post Code). This fishery requires us to use a 'buddy pairs system' to pay for tickets prior to tyhe barrier being Lifted for entry.
03rd Feb 2013 - 2013 Toft Newton
The 2013 season will commence on the sunny Lincolnshire Steppes at Toft Newton on March 2nd. Please sign up on the thread started by Stevie if you will be attending this Competition. (Bring your own ice axes)!?
06th Oct 2012 - AGM 2012
Ah well! It's all over now bar the presentation of the Cup, and the extensive, (no doubt), toasting of the 2012 Champion. You've all seen him before he's another one of those North of England contingent anglers. Stevie Naylor. We will be off to Torquay and Basil's Emporium for the AGM over the weekend of Oct 27th. There is a Curry House meal on Friday evening for those with strong constitutions and lots of Gaviscon, then a days fishing at Kennick, if anybody is sober enough to locate it, followed by the AGM on Saturday evening in the Fawlty Towers dungeons. See you there!
01st Oct 2012 - Thornton 2012
Thornton competition decider on Saturday October 6th. This could be both a challenging and exciting day, particularly for the top four challengers. Andre is providing solace and hot soup after the match! Good luck to all who attend.
24th Sep 2012 - Blagdon 2012
On Saturday Sept 29th. we will once again be priveleged to fish Blagdon, due to the hard work of Martin Cottis and Kevin P. We hope that a substantial number of BFTA members will turn out to reward the behind the scenes effort that has gone into organising this match. This is one of the best trout fishing waters in the country and rewards those able to fish more traditional buzzer, small nymph and dry fly methods. It should be a superb day. Sign up quickly so Kevin can get the tickets.... The following week on October 6th, we fish a competition at Thornton. Time is now getting short for those competing for the Jim Clements Trophy.
02nd Sep 2012 - Roadford / Wimbleball Weekend
The next BFTA gatherings will take place on Saturday 22nd and Sunday 23rd September. On the Saturday there is a meet for brown trout fishing at the well renowned Roadford reservoir, some members will camp at the fishery for this session. The competition will take place at Wimbleball on Sunday 23rd. Wimbleball also has an on site camping ground for tents and caravans. The fishing at this venue this year has been superb with big hard fighting fish to be caught. Please sign up if you are attending one or both of these days.
19th Aug 2012 - Thrybergh 2012
The next big BFTA Competition will be the "Eat in Day" with fishing thrown in, at Thrybergh Nr. Rotherham, on Saturday September 1st. Bring your own Rennies!
07th Aug 2012 - Ravensthorpe Pairs Competition 2012
The next competitition will be our annual pairs match. This takes place at Ravensthorpe Reservoir, Nr Northampton on Saturday August 18th. Members are requested to bring some food items to contribute to the group picnic to be held after the match - (please look at the list of what others are bringing, on the sign up page fo this competition, to avoid having a spare hundredweight or so of lettuce at the end)! The pairs will be determined by an impartial draw before the match.
07th Aug 2012 - Ravensthorpe Pairs Competition 2012
The next competitition will be our annual pairs match. This takes place at Ravensthorpe Reservoir, Nr Northampton on Saturday August 18th. Members are requested to bring some food items to contribute to the group picnic to be held after the match - please look at the list of what others are bringing, (on the sign up page for this competition), to avoid having a spare hundredweight or so of lettuce at the end! The pairs will be determined by an impartial draw before the match.
25th Jul 2012 - Kennick August 2012
The next competition will take place at Kennick on August 4th 2012. There are currently only a few top runners for the Jim Clements trophy attending this meet, so their scores could increase dramatically unless more members join in to give them some competition! A few members will camp at Roadford and travel to Kennick for the match, and then return to fish Roadford for fun on Sunday morning.
09th Jul 2012 - Colwick Park July 21st
The next Competition will take place at Colwick Park, near Nottingham, on Saturday July 21st. Similar to our previous visit, members will need to remember to join up with a partner before signing in and paying for the days fishing. Meeting up at the entrance barrier by the ticket office will be the best way to achieve this.
24th Jun 2012 - Toft Newton - 07.07.2012
The next competition will be held at Toft Newton, Lincolnshire, on Saturday July 7th. For members travelling particularly from the Oxford area, please remember that this weekend hosts the British F1 Grand Prix, and will result in serious road congestion around the Silverstone area - best find another route well clear of this place. Queues can back up to the M1 and also the M40 so be warned.
11th Jun 2012 - Ringstead Grange
Ringstead Grange Competition - June 23rd. This is the next competition on this years calendar. This water is a fishery with an excellent reputation, and has not previously been fished by the BFTA. A good turnout would be appreciated.
07th Jun 2012 - Blackdyke Fishery
Further to the match at Rutland water being cancelled for June 9th. There will now be a meeting for interested BFTA members, at Blackdyke fishery (near Thetford, Norfolk), on Sunday June 10th. All BFTA members wishing to fish this water will be welcome. This is a new East of England float tubing venue. (This meeting will not count in the points towards the Jim Clements championship trophy).
04th Jun 2012 - Blackdyke
Further to the match at Rutland water being cancelled for June 9th. There will now be a meeting for interested BFTA members, at Blackdyke fishery near Thetford, Norfolk, on Sunday June 10th. All BFTA members wishing to fish this water will be welcome. This is a new East of England float tubing venue. (This meeting will not count in the points towards the Jim Clements championship trophy).
21st May 2012 - Wimbleball
The next competition will be held at an exciting new venue, Wimbleball lake on the Eastern edge of Exmoor - Saturday May 26th. A good turnout at this new venue would be greatly appreciated. There is plenty of room for float tubing as the water is over 350 acres!
13th May 2012 - Tal y Lyn May 2012
The next Meeting will be at Tal y Lyn lake on May 19th. Launch will be from the Ty Cornel Hotel car park at 10 am. The water holds a good stock of brown trout, and the chance of a sea trout or even a salmon is always a possibility here.
08th May 2012 - Drift Competition
On May 12th. keen members will head for Drift Reservoir, West of Penzance, Cornwall. This is the Cornish Open Competition, which is usually generously supported by Snowbee. Dave W. organises a superb Past Fest after the competition at the prize giving. This one should not be missed! It's a great day out.
08th Apr 2012 - Toft Newton - April 21st
The next competition of the season will be held at Toft Newton Reservoir, Lincolnshire, on April 21st. This will be a good opportunity, for somebody else other than the usual suspects, to gain good championship points. Several front runners regrettably have to miss this match due to other commitments!
18th Mar 2012 - Colwick Park.
The next competition will take place at a new venue for the BFTA, Colwick Park, which is situated close to the racecourse SE of Nottingham. This match takes place on April 7th. It essential that members sign up early for this days fishing, so the manager can be informed and make arrangements accordingly.
04th Mar 2012 - Thornton Competition
The second competition of the season will take place at Thornton Reservoir, near Leicester, on Saturday March 17th. Ifor definitely needs to know the numbers attending this one, (so that he can judge whether to restrict the boats allowed on the water). Please indicate your intention to attend as early as possible. The reservoir is currently a little low, (only a couple of feet or), so but is currently fishing very well along the wood bank.
17th Feb 2012 - The start of the 2012 Season.
The beginning of the 2012 season is approaching fast. The first match will take place at Elinor Lake, near Aldwinkle, on March 3rd. Please meet at the lake at 9.00 am as usual, for a 10.00am start. Please ensure you have your lifejackets, whistles and all your other kit with - you nicely cleaned and polished ready for the new season.
02nd Oct 2011 - Thornton 12th November
The next major meeting will be at Thornton on November 12th. This will be followed by the AGM. The Jim Clements Trophy will be presented to the new Champion at this meeting.
26th Sep 2011 - Toft Newton - October
The next competition is at Toft Newton Reservoir, near Market Rasen, Lincolnshire, on Saturday October 1st. Sportfish have a Float Tubing day at Haywards Lake near Reading, on Tuesday October 4th, this day will cost £60 to include a breakfast bap and BBQ lunch. Contact Sportfish, Reading direct to book your place.
03rd Sep 2011 - AGM
Further to our Chairman having a previous commitment, it has been decided that the AGM at Thornton will now take place on Saturday November 12th. If Ifor can accommodate us on this date.
03rd Sep 2011 - Blagdon
The next competition is at Blagdon on September 24th.
08th Aug 2011 - Thrybergh
The next formal Competition will take place at Thrybergh on Saturday September 3rd. This is normally a well attended meeting, and is a superb day out not to be missed. If you have not been before - the cost for the whole day will be £25, to include a full English Breakfast, a four fish competition ticket, and then followed by a three course dinner after the weigh-in. There is also an individual trophy for the winner of this competition.
18th Jul 2011 - Ravensthorpe
There will be a competition at Ravensthorpe Reservoir on Saturday August 6th. It has been suggested that this is fished as a 'Pairs' match similar to the format we used at Walkerwood last season.
11th Jul 2011 - Tal y Lyn
The Tal y Lyn meet takes place on Saturday 16th July. This is a very attractive lake holding some very good brown trout - with the occasional sea trout and salmon to be caught. Small dark coloured dry flies work well on this water, as do sedgehogs hoppers and other flies fished quickly just sub surface.
28th Jun 2011 - Eyebrook
Unfortunately the proposed Eyebrook competition -( July 2nd), has been cancelled / postponed until a later date, (to be arranged). The next formal BFTA meeting will be at Tal y Lyn on July 16th. This is a well renowned brown trout fishery, nestling in the spectacular hills of mid to North Wales.
29th May 2011 - Toft Newton
Andre has arranged and confirmed a meeting at Toft Newton on June 18th. If enough members wish to attend, this will be classified as a competition. Please sign up under Andre's confirmation of fixture post if you wish to go along. Toft Newton, near Market Rasen in Licolnshire, usually fishes well, and is not too massive a water for beginners, (or infirm gentlemen), to enjoy fishing.
16th May 2011 - SW weekend
There will be a competition at Kennick on June 4th. On June 5th, those members who wish to, will be able to fish on Roadford for a meeting. Kevin1 reports that Roadford is fishing well (May 15th) and that the browns are in very nice condition.
20th Apr 2011 - Fishing in May
May is a busy month in the BFTA fishing Calendar. There is a competition at Thornton on May 7th. On the 14th the Drift Cornish Open competition takes place - this is one members should not miss! On Sunday 15th there is a meeting at Kennick. The first of the Blagdon days is on the 21st, and is a competition. To round off the month, the Rutland Water competition is on the 28th. Please sign up under the appropriate list if you are going to these days.
10th Apr 2011 - Thrybergh 23rd April
There are now at least 16 members signed up for Thrybergh competition on April 23rd, and two possible others. If you want a breakfast on this morning, (included in the ticket price for the day), please sign up quickly, so numbers for catering can be arranged.
26th Mar 2011 - Haywards lake
You are inviited to fish Hayward's Lake on Tuesday 19th April. The cost will be £60 for the day to include breakfast and lunch. Tel. - 0118 930 3860 to book your place.
20th Mar 2011 - April 2nd Competition.
The April 2nd competition will now take place at Thornton Reservoir. The proposed match at Gailey cannot take place as the venue is no longer open for Trout fishing. Please see Stevies post for explanation. Ifor urgently needs to know numbers attending.
12th Mar 2011 - Gailey Competition - April 2nd
It is proposed that a competition will be held at Gailey Reservoir on April 2nd. Stevie is trying to confirm the match. Watch the site for confirmation of the date!
16th Feb 2011 - Stocks and Walkerwood Competitions are Cancelled!
United Utilities have banned float tubes on all NW waters! This is seriously bad news!
08th Feb 2011 - Elinor competition on March 5th. 10 am to 4.00pm
Elinor competition on March 5th. 10.00am to 4.00pm
07th Feb 2011 - Bushyleaze
Bushyleaze Meeting on 19th February all welcome
06th Feb 2011 - BFTA News now working
BFTA News now working

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